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Being a staff member for your church can be very rewarding but keeps you very busy. You are constantly juggling many tasks at one time. If you are reading this page, you have probably been asked either to do the website for your church, change it or find a new one. Whatever the reason Church Web Works is here to help.

Church Web Works is the web solution that creates unity and consistency for the entire website experience.


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Juggling multiple projects?

  • Time management: Let us help you. Our software has multiple tools that allow you to work on a page early and then publish at a future date. You can set up a start time and ending time as well.
  • Interactive Events Calendar: Have a recurring event every week or month (worship services)? With our interactive event calendar, you only have to set up the event the first time. Once you set up the event check the recurring events box, and it will repeat every week, month, year, (well, you get the idea). 
  • Showcase: Great tool that allows you to download images and display them prominently on the website. For example: Do you have VBS coming up this summer? You can download a graphic for it early in the year and put in a date range to display on the website. 

Website Control: Sharing the Load!

  • Multiple users: We know there may be multiple users working on your website. While it is nice to have people to share the work, you may not want everyone to have full access to the site. When you create a new user, you can customize their permission levels  as content editor, designer, billing or you can make them an admin as well.

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